Monday, 13 August 2007

Soundtrack - tracks 50-52

50.“Being Alive” (Sondheim) from “Company” BARBRA STREISAND
“Someone to hold me too close, someone to hurt me too deep” This is the song that possibly explains what I hope for more than anything. In a relationship I just want it all! The good stuff, the bad stuff – just stuff! Sondheim wrote it for a character who is still single in his mid thirties whilst all his friends seem to have couple off! Therefore I feel perfectly entitle to call it my own! Along with Ms Paige’s “Losing My Mind” this recording is also responsible for kicking off a life long love of all that is Sondheim too!

51.“April In Paris” (Harburg/Duke) ELLA FITZGERALD
Paris has become a big part of my life in recent years. I kind of wish that I had begun my love affair with this magical city when I was much younger and may have decided to uproot there for a while. However, lottery wins aside, I doubt I will be buying my Montmartre apartment any time soon! Although I have never spent April in Paris it was on a recent visit that I hopped into my cab back to the Gare Du Nord, only to hear Ella on the radio singing this song. It seemed the perfect way to end a wonderful holiday.

52.“Numb” (Warren) PET SHOP BOYS
I want to feel numb, I just want to close the door…..Shocking news can have this effect. I know that there were moments when all I wanted more than anything was just to close off and feel nothing. Sadly I don’t think the numbness appears quite when you want it to, and in those times of severe shock feelings can be all too acute. Although actually having the feelings is much healthier so I should be grateful I guess!

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