Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The Soundtrack of My Life - Tracks 46-49

Well it's been a while but I am back with more from "The Soundtrack of My Life" ......

46.“I Love Paris” (Porter) DORIS DAYAnd I really do! I would sing this to myself as I wandered the streets of Paris in November 1992 – the first time I visited. It really was the winter went it drizzles…which really didn’t matter as I felt immediately at home there, as I still do. I have since returned around seven or eight times and I have really become a Parisphile!

47.“All The Things You Are” (Kern/Hammerstein) CURTIS STIGERS
In 1997 within ten days of each other I lost my great grandma, and my Tante Leni. Two of the most important people in the world to me. The song is ostensibly a love song but it was a line from it that I chose to put on the flowers for Grandma. “You are the angel glow that lights each star, the dearest things I know are what you are”, this perfectly fits my feelings for both of them. And also for Violet! The flowers I chose for Grandma were daffodils, as I often used to visit her on a Saturday and take her a bunch. I only have to see daffodils to be reminded of her. ….

48.“Here Today” (McCartney) PAUL MCCARTNEY
Another dead dad song! I decided to separate this from the earlier ones rather than to bunch too many potentially depressing songs together! “And if I said, I really knew you well, What would the answer be?,If you were here today….” The whole song tells it’s story simply yet succinctly. It’s often a question you ask of yourself with reference to someone you have lost. It particularly deals with questions of love, and how well you knew each other, both pertinent issues in connection to the relationship I had with my father. The song also emphasises remembering the good times rather than dwelling on the negative.

49.“Wunder Ge’schehen” (Dehmel/Kerner) NENA & FRIENDS
Well I have mentioned before that I have become a fan of Nena over the last few years even though the vast majority of her work is recorded in the German language. This is a re-recording of one of her earlier hits that she released for Germany’s “Red Nose Day” – yes they actually call it that! My German is by no means fluent but the songs lyrics talk of being unhappy, and restless and having nightmares. Basically life being crap! However, according to the songs title, miracles happen. This is a gorgeous song with sentiments I truly do believe in. As I have said before, in the darkest of hours there is always light.

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