Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Soundtrack - Tracks 42-45

42.Didn’t I (Simon) CARLY SIMON
Carly’s album “Have I Told You Lately” was playing on the occasion of (blush) my first time! This song sums up the relationship that followed in some of its sentiment “didn’t I give you midnight, didn’t I give you the month of June” although it was February and some of March……When Valentine’s day came around I played the romance card and bought him this CD. He bought me the Angela Lansbury London cast of “Gypsy” Quite definitely lacking in both romance and imagination.

43.“One Year Of Love” (Deacon) ELAINE PAIGE
In my post-Brett (for that was his name!) misery I would play this song and feel depressed….just one year of love is better than a lifetime alone…..oh dear! Re-reading the lyrics I must have taken it so much more badly than I remember…I remember on one occasion saying that we could meet just for a bit of no strings fun.. The second I said it I realised that I didn’t want that at all! A terrible idea! So I broke the connection and after a while realised I was better just to move on. He continued to cling on like a limpet though, if he wanted to cling that much the daft bugger shouldn’t have broken up!

Ostensibly this song is about a friend of the band leaving to go and live down under. For me it sums up that some friends are not meant to be part of your life forever but this doesn’t diminish the relationship ….”cause I know the road is very long, but in my head I’ll always hold your song, and I’ll keep a good thought there for you….” More than anyone it’s probably about Fay, Emma, David and Lester. Maybe even Lisa B if I am feeling charitable! I thought of all of them as very close friends for a while, but none of them proved to be lasting…other than David, although we aren’t that close anymore.

45.“Life Is Eternal” (Simon/Gohl) CARLY SIMON
I latched onto this song around the time that Plums husband (an off duty policeman) was tragically killed in 1991. Obviously this is Plum’s story not mine so I am not going to dwell too much on it, but the shock of the incident deeply affected all of those who worked with her “Life is eternal, love is Immortal and death is only a horizon” we can only hope!

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