Monday, 2 April 2007

Soundtrack - Tracks 38-41

38.Old Friend (Cryer/Ford) from “I’m Getting My Act Together And Taking It Out On The Road” SEAN RAY
From the first time I heard this song ….every time I lose another lover, I call up my old friend…..I have felt that it’s mine and Jackie’s song. We lost touch for around eight years so it seemed that the sentiments of the song were no longer true. Then through the miracle of the internet and ”friends reunited” Jackie tracked me down. We have been back in touch for three years or so now and it’s been great, and we are both determined that as the song goes “we will meet the year we’re sixty two and travel the world as old friends do” Also, once upon a time, I sang this song in a pub on new years eve and made people cry! Not because I was so bad! Because they thought I was so good of course!

39.Did I happen To Mention (Fordham) JULIA FORDHAM
40.I Need To Be In Love ( Bettis/CarpenterRPENTERS
I soooooooooo felt this song “I need, I need another good friend, like I need, like I need a hole in the head” the Julia song was kind of specific about the same friend as “Your Lovely Face” , but in broader terms it could be about anyone. I had my friends, I wanted something more…would it ever happen. “The hardest thing I’ve ever done is keep believing there’s someone in this world who’s meant for me” Karen’s song echoes very similar thoughts but in a subtly different way. I still relate to these songs very much on occasion although I don’t doubt that there is someone out there for me anymore. I get plenty of interest but the one who wants to stick around still eludes me!

41. Some Kind Of Wonderful (Goffin/King) CAROLE KING
Well for a while at least I found someone. And while it lasted it was lovely, I am not sure whether it was love but I was ready for it whatever it was. It was only when we broke up that I decided it was love. He was Australian and decided that as he had to go back to Australia a year later it was better to split up and go back early because he was in love with me. Bless him he wasn’t overly bright and his logic still kind of eludes me. If we were meant to be together I may have followed him to the ends of the earth, he just didn’t want to try. In the relationship I was always the one to compromise etc. and bend to his will. Maybe I should have played it differently who knows? Hmmm that almost sounds as if I am about to break into “I Know Him So Well”

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