Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Soundtrack - Tracks 34-37

34.Grateful (Buchinno) DAVID CAMPBELL
Another song that (like “Another Hundred People”) mentions a city of strangers – but follows it up with “I’ve found a family of friends” . I have made some great friendships, some have been intense and short termed, yet friendships that have seemed slight and weak have grown stronger with time. Strangely it’s not always the people you expect to have the lasting friendships that remain in your life, it can often be the people you least expect to stay in touch with. Anyway the song deals with looking at what’s good in life and appreciating the positive things rather than dwelling on the negative. It’s not as difficult as it sounds either! Believe Me!

35.Your Lovely Face (Fordham) JULIA FORDHAM
The sentiments expressed in this song are very similar to those of “Losing My Mind” obsessive love, or at least a crush. It all seemed very real at the time but lusting after a heterosexual friend was really not going to get me anywhere! I did grow out of these crushes in time – although there were a good few up until my mid twenties!

36.Theme from “thirtysomething” (Walden/Levin) Snuffy W G Walden
I loved this TV series so much, and can’t wait for it to come out on dvd, so many of the stories that it dealt with are things that happen in all of our lives, and it really was a big part of my life! The only story I can connect to it is that once I served Mel Harris (Hope Steadman) and such was my enthusiasm to be speaking to her that when I wrote out her duplicate ticket out I forgot to write the level on so she had to come back again for me to correct it! I should know by now – if I get talking to a celebrity who I admire in some way I ALWAYS end up mucking up their booking! I really am an embarrassment. It happened with Tracie Bennett when I started talking about her sitcom, and also with David Suchet when I enthused about “Blott On The Landscape”. I really am an embarrassment!

37“Running Bear” (Preston) JOHNNY PRESTON
Time for a little light relief I feel! Plum, Jo, Alex, Lisa, Lisa, Rebecca and more… we would work hard on “Miss Saigon” by day and end up at the Rock Island Diner by night. It was an American fast food restaurant where fifties and sixties music was played and when certain songs came on, this one included, the waiters and waitresses would stop serving and do the dance routine on the bar and the tables. Many a drunken evening was spent there ….up until we blotted out copy books….One night some of us – well Plum and Alex had been there since happy hour and were rather worse for wear by the time the rest of us arrived - anyway they were so drunk that they ended up bringing the fire doors down and subsequently we were banned from the restaurant and told we had to pay fifty pounds penalty! It was many months before we dared cross their threshold again!

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