Monday, 5 March 2007

Soundtrack - tracks 22-25

22.Itchykoo Park (Marriot/Lane) THE SMALL FACES
Another song that doesn't make good copy, yet again a crazy sixth form song. The first time I heard this was as I witnessed Melanie Gurley leaping around like a mad woman and shrieking "What did we do there? We got hiiiiiiiiiiigh!". Did we ever go to classes? Well occasionally we did, but I can remember people hiding in cupboards to avoid lessons. What's that all about? Much easier to go to the bloody lesson to start with! Why on earth would you sit in a store cupboard for forty five minutes?????

23.Easy Terms (Russell) from "Blood Brothers" BARBARA DICKSON
Another over dramatic selection! "Only mine until, it's time to pay the bill" When I was a teenager we had family money for the bills, gas getting cut off....the bailiffs! And whilst all this was going on my Mum managed to pop out Joe, Adam and Katie! It didn't quite get to Mrs Johnston's level but it felt like it might for a while!

24.I Wonder (Andersson/Ulvaeus) ABBA
...I wonder, it's frightening, leaving now is that the right thing? Moving to London permanently at 18 was a big step but more than anything it was what I wanted to do. My summer holidays, working front of house, had made me determined to work in theatre! I applied for a job in Box Office with Stoll Moss and was offered the job at the interview. Was very exciting to find myself working on "Phantom" from just before it's first birthday, It really was a phenomenon and nothing has been quite the same since. The song deals with the doubts that I faced on making such a big step, and is one of Abba's most beautiful songs and sensitive lyrics.

25.Don't Leave Me Behind ( Watt/Thorn) EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL
"You will be a star, and I will be so jealous when you are" , well I'm not (yet) a star but this was kind of Jackie's song for me when leaving for London, and kind of deals with the idea of not leaving people behind just because your personal circumstances have changed. During our teenage years, and even now to a lesser extent, we shared music and introduced each other to different stuff. So Jackie had introduced me to EBTG and in return I had given her......Elaine Paige! IN 1997, the song had further significance when I went to an open audition for "Rent" and sang it! Sadly my dreams of playing Mark Cohen were not to be, and I lacked the bravery to go to further auditions for other shows!

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