Friday, 12 October 2007

Soundtracks of My Life 60-61

60.Something Right (Fordham) JULIA FORDHAM
This is for Jackie and Sarah, who are planning a civil ceremony for later in the year. When they got together I had my doubts as Jackie was leaving a long standing relationship to embark on a new one with Sarah. However, as soon as I met Sarah I knew that Jackie really was doing something right. I am sure that they will be very happy together – after all they already are!

61.Paris Je T’Aime (Grey/Schertzinger) PATRICK BRUEL
Paris is a recurring theme in my life as I have spent so many holidays there. This song is typical of traditional French “café” music. I really don’t know the proper term. I started to listen to Bruel’s music when I was trying to improve my French, and although this is atypical of his stuff I have gone for this selection as it reminds me of going to France with my mum. Taking her to Paris was a huge bonding experience. I had come into a small amount of money, and wanted to treat her, so took her away to Paris for the first time. Out of all the places I could have picked Paris really struck her imagination. She can now spend hours talking about nothing but Paris and the places we went to and the things we saw. We spent time a lot of time in Montmartre, had a wonderful day in Versailles and saw lots of art. This song reminds me of standing in line to go to see the impressionist art at the Musee D’Orsay and there always seem to be buskers playing when you queue for these kind of things in Paris. Almost always they are playing an accordion or something similar and its these French Café Chansons that are particularly popular…so this is what I am reminded of from this song!

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