Monday, 26 February 2007

Soundtrack - Tracks 18-21

18.Thank You For The Music (Andersson/Ulvaeus) ABBA
Another song of the sixth form, this reminds me of my old friend Fay. Fay wasn't good with song titles and would say things like "play woosh" ("Nothing" from " A Chorus Line") or "When I Saw You In Glasgow" (Super Trouper) or in this case "Mother Can't Walk Anymore" - quite bizarre and unforgettable! It very strongly conjures up images of myself, Fay and Emma listening to music in the sixth form house after we had moved on from the "end room".

19.I Am What I Am (Herman) from "La Cage Aux Folles" GEORGE HEARN
I continued coming down to London and working front of house at the theatre. By 1986 (my third summer) I was working at the Palladium on this show. Made some good, although not long term, friendships and really had a fantastic summer. The tradition of front of house staff dancing at the back of the stalls continued, and this show possibly contributed to me coming to terms with certain facts about myself! So what better song to sum up this summer! "I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses!"

20.Losing My Mind (Sondheim) from "Follies" ELAINE PAIGE
"The sun comes up, I think about you, The coffee cup, I think about you"....Well we have all been there haven't we? This was my song for Lester who I had met working on La Cage. I was totally besotted! For quite some time too! Did I get my advances spurned? No. Did I ever even give an indication that I was interested? No! A great song of unrequited love for me, and although there are many wonderful versions I am plumping for the one I first heard! As much as I actually prefer Barbara Cook's version it is the version by Paige that belongs on the soundtrack and summons up memories for me

21.Nowhere Man (Lennon/McCartney) THE BEATLES
Well as I said right at the beginning that this is not a linear life story so I am going back just a few years to 1982. Up until then I was an only child, but my first sibling, Joseph, was born in this year. I so loved having a little brother. Now he is no longer little and expecting the imminent birth of his first child. Well his girlfriend is at least! I rarely see Joe these days but there is a strong bond there. I would often baby sit him when he was a toddler, and would bribe him to sleep by saying his daddy would bring him some sweets if he went to sleep. Bless him! His daddy brought him sweets every day! Now I was very young myself so should be forgiven, but once he was on his potty and Bruno (the dog!) barked and Joe leapt off the potty and accidentally kicked it over. So what happens? A turd on the carpet that's what! Anyway I made him pick it up and put it back in the potty! Sadly ten years later he could remember this and to my embarrassment reminded me! Bad Markus! Anyway my mum used to sing this song to him as a lullaby. I had "Lucy" and this was his Beatles tune!

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