Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Soundtrack Of My Life - tracks 1-4

1."In My Life" (Lennon/McCartney) THE BEATLES
Well this is as good a place to start as any. Lyrically "there are places I remember…." This could fit into the tapestry of most peoples lives, describing the moments and the lovers and friends that went before, and I can even remember the specific occasion that it was stitched into the fabric for me! I think the year was 1991, and I was off to a friend's house party in Fulham. It was a really nice evening, as I remember, at my new friend Alex's house (indeed the company were all new friends, one of which, Jo, is a good friend to this day) anyway a good time was had by all as they say, I can't quite recall where I stayed that night but I remember getting home the next afternoon and huddling up in my bed to watch the episode of "thirtysomething" I had taped the night before. It was an episode in which the characters had a house party and ended up singing "In My Life" around the piano. It stuck an immediate chord with me and has remained with me ever since. I have chosen the Beatles version just because it was the first I knew, but I love many versions of the song including Bette Midler and Chantal Kreviazuk's in particular.
2."Aquarius" (Ragni/Rado/McDermott) REN WOODS (From "Hair")
Why this? Well I was born when the moon was in it's seventh house and Jupiter was aligned with Mars! So I am allowed! Now, apparently I am a triple Aquarius as well…I know this because apparently, in about 1983 not long after my half brother was born , my father (who then lived in Kathmandu) invited a top Asian astrologer to do mine and my brother's charts. Apparently rather than map charts out he just orated it and there may still be a tape recording of it in existence somewhere! When, in the late eighties, my dad told me about this it already seemed that a lot of what they said had already proved to be true…it predicted I would work in the entertainment industry and would have a difficult relationship with my father for instance. It also said I would become very famous, my fame would be deserved and it would not happen in my youth! So fingers crossed, anytime now I could be the next Brad Pitt! The version I have chosen is from the soundtrack of the movie. I just like it best!
3."All The Fun Of The Fair" (Essex) DAVID ESSEX
4."Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" (Lennon/McCartney) THE BEATLES

As a child I can vaguely remember owning a Pinky and Perky record, June Bronhill singing "I Whistle A Happy Tune" and Laurel and Hardy singing "The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine", however it's none of these that particularly take me back to childhood, it's Essex and the Fab Four! I remember my mum buying the David Essex album, of which the above is the title track, it also contained the mega-hit "Hold Me Close" but it's the title track I particularly recall.. I would often sing along " Roll on nutsy the main attraction", and it was many years later that I worked out what it meant (I was six for gods sake!) – the lyric was actually "Roll On Up See The Main Attraction!" . On to Lucy…well my mum would put this on specially for me! I had a cousin (and indeed a much loved great grandma) called Lucy so I liked the idea of the song as well as its, well….strange, words. It really takes me back to the little subsided house we lived in through the seventies. 35 Station Hill, Swannington, Leicestershire!

to be continued.....

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